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Thread: Mouth Guards

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    Talking Mouth Guards

    I have a problem! I cannot roll with a mouth guard in! I just cant breathe as well as i can without one.
    My main problem is that i tap out of chokes way to early (When i could have held on and attempted escapes with out one).
    I dont have a dentist fitted one because i dont want to waste 30 if i cant roll with it in.
    Any body know if you can get a light weight one? or how well the dentist fitted ones allow you to breathe?

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    Dentist made ones are a squillion times better, mine fits so well I have on occasion forgotten it was in and only realised whilst I was in the shower later.

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    Opro do a lightweight custom moulded one, definitely worht looking at will never slip out and they feel really comfortable they're such a good fit you can talk properly with them in.
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    dentist ones are definately 100% better, personally I dont think they have any effect at all on your breathing

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    Check out opro mouth guards,they are pukka,They send you a kit out and you mould it yourself. Send it back to them then a week later you have a custom mouth guard. They do different levels of thickness to. Check em out.

    I have had one for over a year now and I am happier with it than my dentist made mouth guard.

    Get a mouth guard, don't fuck ya teeth up! Get used to it.Wear it all the time, when you train, spar,warm up, stretch, skip,get used to wearing it!

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    Cheers 4 that! I've got an appointment next week to get one fitted. Should be an end to all those bust lips as well!
    Hopefully it will be better than the "boil and bite" one ive got at the mo. I've even had to tap out from north south position because of restricted breathing!

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    'brain pad' mouth guards are ok for boil and bite, they're double fit so protect upper and lower teeth with a breathing channel. Opro are fantastic tho, I've used them before.

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    I know you cant put a price on safety and all that, but does anyone know how much dentist fitted mouth guards are? ish?

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    I think dentist is about 50-60.

    Opro and the like are 30+ and are the exact same quality. I have an Opro and it's awesome. Nothing like wearing a boil and bite. -

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    Gah, I hate boil and bite.. my last one wouldnt fit, even after like 20 attempts.. I guess thats what I get for paying 2

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