Hi guys, Me and Franklin Jensen, who is coming from Brazil on the next week, will be at Team Kaobon (28th June) and at SKK Judo Club (12th July) for a 3 hour seminar.

Franklin is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt for over 7 years, and is the head coach of the world's famous Team Alliance in the south of Brazil. He is also a Luta Livre Brown Belt and got massive experience and credentials in BJJ and grappling. As some of his titles: 3 times champion of the Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Championship, 5 times champion of the Santa Catarina State Championship and 2 times champion of the South Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship.

To have some informations about me take a look at: http://www.kaobon.com/staff.html

We will start at 1.00pm and go on until around 4.00pm.

The session will be open to everyone. The 1st part (1.5 hours) Franklin will be showing BJJ techniques that everyone at all levels will benefit from. The 2nd part (1.5 hours) I will be showing Luta Livre techniques that can be used in both, grappling and mma fights.

The cost for both parts is 30 per person but if you can only make it to one part then it is only 20 per person.

Please email: marcelobrigadeirorft@gmail.com to book your place.
We only have few spaces so please book now to avoid dissapointment.

The places: www.kaobon.com & www.skkjudo.com