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Thread: bestt non bjj grapplers

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    Default bestt non bjj grapplers

    watched matt hughes vs matt serra the other night and jo rogan commented that matt hughes is the equvilant of a bjj black belt in terms of skill , and it got me thinking who are the best non bjj grapplers.
    i think karo parysian is pretty good or used to be excellant take downs submissions and submission defence what do you guys think ?

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    sakuraba back in the day, Fedor, Barnett. I suppose are the obvious MMA related answers, dunno about pure sub grappling though, probably whoever has got the best results in ADCC or such. Always thought Tito looked good as well.

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    Kerr was, not now. Couture?

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    Has Yushin Okami got a BJJ rank?

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    i'm in two minds about fedor i think its more his strength and conditioning that make him so fierce on the ground .

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    Fedor does seem mostly atitrubute based when grappling.

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    apparently rashard evans and keith jardines ground games are excellant, greg jackson supposedly turns out some brilliant grapplers , i'm pretty sure he holds no bjj rank ?

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    forrest griddens game is supposed to be excerlent
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