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Thread: Shin splints from skipping?

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    Default Shin splints from skipping?

    Since I wanted to do some striking in addition to my grappling I have been skipping like a maniac. To start with I had sore calves which went, but now I have a pain just below the bone on the inside of my left calf about 3/4 inches up from the ankle. I s this shin splints?

    If so is it normal RICE stuff to mend it?

    Can I carry on skipping and training if i strap it?

    How can I stop it happening again?



    p.s. seeing a doctor tomorrow, but I find them less than useless in things like this.

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    I have exactly the same as this in my right leg. Used to run huge amounts without any problems at all but this started maybe 5 months ago and won't go away despite periods of a few weeks rest. I can run maybe once a week at a push if I whack in the painkillers and just tough it out. On bad days it even gets sore to walk sometimes (like today). I've moved to Canada so don't have access to doctors as easily as back in the Uk. Thinking of going to sports injury clinic so would be interested to hear opinions too.

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    guys the doctor will tell you to rest it, unfourtantly they dont stress this enough.

    RICE will be fine in a sense, but seriously as much as you hate it, just rest. a few weeks will probably do fuck all it takes time. shin splints are re-occuring if u dont rest propperly. so rest rest rest. then consult a doctor (or any friends who run marathons, long distance etc.) if your thinking of training again.

    sorry to be the bringer of bad news

    Dont y'all forget to rest now
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    it could well be a stress fracture, from the repeated impact of skipping.

    this is especially likely if your feet dont balance loads properly, eg if you walk on your heels or with your ankles rolled in.

    If the pain is there whenver you press hard on the spot, then builds to a crescendo as you skip and doesnt go away, its a stress fracture and requires leaving alone for at least a month and a bit, no skipping at all.

    stress fractures are also typified by night pains, as your bone-knitting takes place largely at night and the fracture will 'throb' in the early hours of the morning.

    doctors - the average GP - are useless at detecting this. They will tell you its shin splints and give you a paracetamol and send you on your way.

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    When i was working on a ship, all i had was skipping ropes. After a few days of skipping for like half a hour, apart from all the cool tricks i could do i picked up some nasty shin splints.

    I couldnt skip for like another 2 month afterwards, so i just rested it and its fine now. Dont try any skipping it will just make it worse, even strapped.

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    Cheers. Doc said shin splints gave me some anti inflams and sent me on my way.

    @ Young Sexton. How did you stop yourself getting shin splints again when you started skipping again?


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    I just dont skip as much anymore. Like everyone else is saying i think resting it is your best option then easing down on the skipping when you start again.

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    Decent footwear is important too as the wrong type of foot support in your trainers may be making things worse.

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