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Thread: Who next for Dan Hardy ?

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    Question Who next for Dan Hardy ?

    Following Dans huge win last night, who'd you like to see him face next ?

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    Mike Swick - winner gets a title shot.

    Althought neither are what you may call "Superstar" names in the WW division, both have racked up a lot of wins against some game opponents (especially Dan).
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    Swick makes sense

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    Sounds crazy, but Thiago Alves would be perfect for Dan. He'd stand up and Dan could rocket to super stardom. If Alves beats GSP (probably not), then Dan could potentially beat him for the title

    The division is heavy with wrestling blankets that could smother Dan over 3 rounds, so fights with other top tier fighters like Fitch, Hughes, Koschek would be bad match ups right now

    Swick would be good, as he is pretty delusional about his striking - Part of the Bristol Alliance

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    I think they'll give him Koschek, although I'd would rather see Alves, Swick or Parisyan

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    Have the UFC dropped Yoshida as surely Hardy has got to be gunning for a rematch with him?
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    Swick or Koscheck would make for some cracking fights for Dan!

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    Karo , Fitch , Swick or Riddle

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    Riddle & Yoshida are both "under" dan now imho, why go back and fight these two when he's already beat Gono & Davis?

    Fitch & Koscheck could really smother him for 3 rounds if they wanted so imho he should avoid these.

    Swick will probably stand and trade and both are on good streaks atm - makes perfect sense I think.
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    Why should he avoid wrestlers? its MMA not kickboxing.

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