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Thread: Battleground Fightcard

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    Default Battleground Fightcard

    Here`s the line up (in no particular order) for the next Battleground MMA show at Marton Hotel, Middlesbrough on Sunday 21st June.
    Max Duffy v Chris Dolman (FW)
    Danny John v Mark Pendlington (LW)
    Karim Ismaili v Damien Hornby (WW)
    Sam Devlin v Jamie Appleton (LW)
    John Stoker v Ben Eastwood (WW)
    Jay Furness v Mike Foreman (FW)
    Duncan Rose v Tim Grieves (LW)
    Pete Wright v Fwad Mahmodi (WW)
    Jordan Wilkinson v Louis Chapman (WW)
    Alan Taylor v Oliver Earnshaw (MW)
    Joe Morris v Dashti Botani (LHW)
    Dale Middleton v Peter Constadine (HW)
    Kaiwan Mahmodi v Jonny Kemp (FW)
    Nathan Thompson v Andy Smith (FW)
    Danny Welsh v Cyrus Alizadi (LW)
    Matt Howard v TBC (MW)

    Refs - Neil Hall + Kieron Newton
    Judges - Ian + Dave Butlin and Danny Giblin
    timekeeper - Lisa Newton
    it`s gonna be another night of explosive fight action with some heavy hitters in the line up. More fights will be added when the match ups are confirmed.
    For tickets and information send email to -
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    Looking good.

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    Danny John v Mark Pendlington (LW)

    Fight of the night right there!

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    should be some great fights - most of them are so closely matched i wouldnt like to guess who the winner will be

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    I thought you said Dale Middleton was injured?

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    thats correct - he was
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    Kaiwan vs Johnny + Danny vs Cyrus will be excellent fights for sure!!!, good luck to Matt Howard and Dale Middleton in there fights too
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    Gettin slim thanks too

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    check out new additions to the fightcard

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    Good luck with the Show

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