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Thread: MMA Event Milton Keynes 09

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    Default MMA Event Milton Keynes 09


    We are staging an MMA/Kickboxing event in Milton Keynes 11th July 09. It is called 'Combudo 2'.

    It will feature Novice/AM (no head shot rules & limited ground time) and Semi/Pro MMA Rules.

    If anyone is interested in getting involved with the project i.e. MMA clubs, competitors, officials and sponsers etc, please contact me via or 07894 500 121.


    Lee Hasdell

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    We also have a new MMA class starting in January 2009, mainly teaching amateur MMA with some nice MMA functional fitness (Hindu/Tabata body weight and power band) training. We are also using new Perpetual Motion exercises.

    Please email if you want to try something with a innovative angle.


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    Please sign me up heavyweight bout k-1 kickboxing sir.
    I'll bring your event to life with my colourful character and spectacular skills
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    Please email me full details etc... We have a heavyweight (98kg) that needs matching up.


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    Default MMA in milton keynes

    Hi All,

    I moved to mk from stoke and i am looking to get back on to MMA again, but have been tied up due to money recently so havent been able to get back in to it. can ANYONE help me in giving me some information on MMA gyms around mk?? i really want to get back in to it, if someone can help it is greatly appreciated.



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    Well Lee (above) from SSJ is a good place to start!

    SSJ and Total Dojo are the only ones I know of, I've trained at SSJ alot in the past and I've been going to total dojo recently, both really good clubs.

    My advice would be to try both and see what you prefer. Lee is a great coach and they have some really good strikers there, plus I may be mistaken but I think Simon Boulter has been doing some mma sessions there. Danny Batten takes the MMA classes at Total Dojo, obviously one of the top guys in the UK and a really good teacher, loads of really good training partners at all levels too.

    Best of luck.
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