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Thread: Offshore mma/BJJ

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    Default Offshore mma/BJJ

    Anyone know of any offshore workers in the north sea that do a bit of grappling or BJJ, looking for someone to train with while i am away, i work off of shetland on the tern platform?? Cheers

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    I think Dean Riley he posts as Hurricane on here works offshore but not sure what rig

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    for the love of god willie....its Reilly!!!!

    yeah i work shetland at the mo,on the byford which isnt the tern so therefore no use to you whatsoever! lol
    there's no space to grapple on here anyway

    concentrating on lifting heavy metal(not iron maiden though) right now

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    doh sorry Dean , im verrry baad at speelang lol

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    what kind of offshore work? If you can train while making money (I heard those jobs were pretty rewarding) I'll drop out of the uni straight away!

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    You want to drop out of uni to work a minimum of a 12 hour shift for two weeks at a time away from your family?

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    james jarvie (head hunters mma) also works off shore,dont think he posts on here though

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    work a 12hr day?!?! fuck you!!! 8 max baby!!!

    nah depends what you do....full time guys on rigs especially roustabouts work their bollocks off.

    being away from home sucks.....miss the gym,girlfriend,training,mates.
    kinda always seems liek everyone is moving forwrad while you're stuck in a floating time capsule.

    the green is good though....its the saving grace.
    i try blast a bit of work then take time off to fight...fingers crossed i'll soon be doing more fighting than working

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    being away from home sucks.....miss the gym,girlfriend,training,mates.[/QUOTE]

    Gym before girlfriend? Good lad

    But girlfriend before mates, im sure you have just hurt Pauls feelings

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    he'll be too lost in his own world to notice! :P

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