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    Just wondering if anyone is into Manga?! I'm guessing some people be like "OMG'z Kartoonz are 4 kids" but i find it quite enjoyable. I wanna watch the Live version of Blood the last Vampire! the Manga movie was quite good but very short (about 40 minutes). I've just got through the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series which is absloute brilliant (Ghost in the shell = Matrix near enough) and if anyone is a fan of Manga i'd watch it or even if you are not just watch 1 or 2 episodes and you'll be like "WHY CANT HOLYWOOD WRITE GOOD SCRIPTS LIKE THIS".

    So far i've watched.

    Ninja Scroll.
    Apple Seed.
    Street Fighter 2.
    Street Fighter Alpha.
    Ghost in the shell.
    Perfect Blue.
    Vampire Hunter D.
    Dominion Tank Police.
    And several others which cannot remember there names.
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