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Thread: Ground Control 5.0 results

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    Default Ground Control 5.0 results

    Ground Control 5.0 Results

    Team Results
    1st SBG
    2nd Next Generation
    3rd Gracie Barra Lagarto/ Atherton Submission

    1. Mark Taylor Next Generation
    2. Wade Jennings Next Generation
    3. Nathan Dunne Next Generation

    1. Helin Paara SBG
    2. Gudrun Wetz Nuneaton BJJ
    3. Elena Dmitrieva SBG

    U68kg (12 months and under)
    1. Jacob Constantino Leicester Shoot
    2. Aiden Hayes Leicester Shoot
    3. Carl Foulks McKay Group

    U68kg (over 12 months)
    1.Daniel Hung SBG
    2. Ant Griffiths SBG
    3. Dan Korbely Team Dan

    U73kg (12 months and under)
    1. Chris Fishgold Next Generation
    2. Michael Chau Manchester Ground and Pound
    3. Stephen Lane Wolfslair

    U73kg (over 12 months)
    1. Ollie Geddes RGA
    2. Daniel Agard BJJ School
    3. Mark Nonell Next Generation

    U80kg (12 months and under)
    1. Andrew Smith Gracie Barra Lagarto
    2. Billy McCloud Next Generation
    3. Ryan Moore Sukata MMA

    U80kg (over 12 months)
    1. Lucio Sergio Gracie Barra Lagarto
    2. Mark Glover Next Generation
    3. Matt Inman SBG

    U87kg (12 months and under)
    1. Lee Gittins Atherton Submission
    2. Alex Bougatef Steve Campbell BJJ
    3. Neil Ashford Team Supreme MMA

    U87kg (over 12 months)
    1. Chris Coltrane SBG
    2. Casey Jones SBG
    3. Stuart Cooper Gracie Barra Lagarto

    U98kg (12 months and under)
    1. Danny Barker Atherton Submission
    2. Chris Tyas DMA
    3. Joe Laramee SBG

    U98kg (over 12 months)
    1. Matt Rooney Steve Campbell BJJ
    2. Paul Rice Sukata MMA
    3. Andy Hoyle SBG

    Over 98kg
    1. Rob Broughton Atherton Submission
    2. Ed Turner Gracie Barra Lagarto
    3. Shane Kennedy Bulldog Academy

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    SBG on top, sweet! Thanks to Ground Control for another great comp

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    Nice Congratulations to all the guys and girls!
    Looking for injury, rehab or nutrition advice? visit

    Fighting out of Next Generation

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    Weren't there some superfights? What were the results?

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    under 80Kg's Geddes won, Gary Furlong came second

    Over 80Kg's Lucio Sergio won, with Rob Broughton second.

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    Congrats to the SBG team, fantastic results

    Thanks to Jason Tan and all his guys from Nx Gen for organising another great event. Looking forward to the next one

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    Thanks for the comp guys, fantastically well-run, everyone was friendly, all the coaches were respectful and a lot of great fights going on.'s Ground Control London? ^_^

    Take care,


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    Yep, well run comp!

    The guys will be attending future events im sure.

    Well done team!

    and show some love for Team SBG :-)

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    TTT for people missing this thread! SBG are always there in force!

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    whens 6.0!!!!

    awesome competition

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