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Thread: new belts at Royce Gracie Scotland

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    Default new belts at Royce Gracie Scotland

    Hi guys,
    Congratulations to all the guys and Girls on their new belts, good work!!!
    In the kids class we have 3 new orange belts(Ross McMillan, Blair Cooper and Emma Gibb) and 4 new yellow belts(Lorin McVeigh, Craig McVeigh, Jasmine and Sophia)

    We have 5 new blue belts ( Alasdair Murray, Felix Criado, Jordan McColl, Gordon Cooper & David Cooper).
    Blue belts who were awarded stripes on their blue ( Kerr McMillan, James Dunaway, Matt dunaway, Lawrence Scott) all now 2 stripe blues.
    1 new purple in Johnny Turnill.
    And 2 new Brown belts Steve Dawson and myself.
    Also well done to our team that competed in the British open, 4 medals from 5 competing, great work!!
    You've all put a lot of hard work in and i'm very proud to be your coach.
    Major thanks to Royce for a great seminar and for his ( nearly 10 years!)continuing to help support our growth in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu here in Scotland, it's a great honour for me to represent him up here.
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