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Thread: No Gi groundfighting Brackets for this Sunday

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    Default No Gi groundfighting Brackets for this Sunday

    Cheryl Eisenbach Elite MA
    Teresa Duffy Falcons MA
    Emma Baker Combat Academy

    UNDER 65
    Mark Taylor Bolton Catch
    Geoff Moore Oswestry Elite
    Kristian Hutt VT JiuJitsu
    Vincent Pang Italo Ferreira
    Sam Docherty Oswestry Free Fighters
    Mike Roberts Italo Ferreira

    UNDER 71
    Lee Iannacarro TJK
    Stuart Jenkins Oswestry Elite
    Jean Claude Cwmbran Tillery Combat
    Ryan Phelps Tillery Combat
    Gareth Johnson Team Elite
    Adam Norris Falcons
    Tom Kocur Italo Ferreira
    Adam Royal Pedro Bessa
    Gavin Charnock Pedro Bessa
    Nathan Owen Tillery Combat
    Dave Slade VT JiuJitsu

    UNDER 78
    This bracket will be split into two divisions
    1) 0 - 18 months training u78kg
    2) 18+ months training u80kg

    If you are in this category post on here which division you should be in.

    Darrell James Tillery Combat
    Simon Price TJK
    Kirk Baldwin Gracie Barra Swansea
    Phil Barsby Italo Ferreira
    Nicky Bradley Bai Lang MMA
    Gareth Burns Elite Martial Arts
    Jonathan Davies Gracie Barra Swansea
    Joseph Duffy Falcons Martial Arts
    Ty Husbands Combat Academy
    Ritchie Jones Falcons Martial Arts
    Mark Marshman Tillery Combat
    Kyle Prosser Tillery Combat
    Andy Rao Oswestry FF
    Joe Rice Elite Martial Arts
    Peter Richardson Bai Lang MMA
    James Stammers Italo Ferreira
    Christian Tetley Tillery Combat
    Steve Pascoe GB Swansea
    Liam Bennett Gracie Barra Swansea
    David Chynoweth Monmouth MMA
    Michael Crole Pedro Bessa
    Ben Hayward Tillery Combat
    John Mauchlen Combat Academy

    UNDER 86
    James Dickson Combat Academy
    Dan Richards 'Italo Ferreira
    Matt Clarke Italo Ferreira
    Jason Bourne Tillery Combat
    Mathew Drinkall Monmouth MMA
    Vincent Mckagan Pedro Bessa
    Neil Gardener Combat Academy
    Paul O'connor Gendros Judo Club

    UNDER 95 (0 - 18 months training)
    Chris Eynon Gracie Barra Swansea
    Paul Davies TJK Tewkesbury
    Conor Eaton-Smith Combat Academy
    Paul Thomas Ren Bu Kai
    Miles Damiral Carlson Gracie

    OVER 95 (0-18 months training)
    Robert Platt Ren Bu Kai
    Steven Borde Gracie Barra Swansea
    Martin Abraham Sandwell BJJ
    Andrew O'connor Gendros Judo Club

    Under 100 (+18 months training)
    Dan Buckley Combat Academy
    Matthew Davies Gendros Judo Club
    Bruce Davies Gendros Judo Club
    Dean Bradbury Combat Academy

    A Masters category will be run subject to sufficient interest

    An absolute will be run subject to time
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    as i have had over 18 months experiance i assume you can put me down and i will now be competing 18+months under 80 kg. (ritchie jones, falcons martial arts)

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