Not with each other though.. I dont think

Scott Peterson from recently spoke with Rodrigo Gracie in Japan.

Apparently, Gracie told him that there is a really good chance that he will be fighting Akira Shoji at the next show, PRIDE 25, on March 16th (they are competing with CageWarriors 3 :chinese: )

Source's Japanese represenative Scott Peterson is claiming that Kazushi Sakuraba will be receiving medical clearance to fight at PRIDE 25 on March 16th at the Yokohama Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Accordnig to Peterson, doctors were reluctant to give Sakuraba the clearance as he should spend more time on the shelf before hoping back in the ring, but it's never stopped him before, and doesn't appear it will this time either.

Obviously PRIDE would like to add one of their top draws to an already well-rounded March line-up, so he might be given a "tune up" fight. Based on that, they will set up a match between Sakuaraba and Dan Henderson.