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Thread: Bisping vs Wand rumoured in Manchester

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    Default Bisping vs Wand rumoured in Manchester

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    im sorry but bisping will suffer the same fate as hendo did to him

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    Wandy will KO mike.

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    i think bisping may be able to get a decision win here, although i heard hes meant to be fighting patrick cote?
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    Wandy's proper past it now but he'll stick KO Bisping because he'll rush him and Bisping doesn't have the power to pick apart his technical faults. Cote would be a dangerous fight too, but he'd have a better chance winning on points since I don't Cote would bullrush him like Wandy.

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    just my two cents but I think Cote is a tougher fight than Wand... at least every single time you know how Wand is going to fight, what he brings and what his weaknesses are. I think Cote is more Dynamic and surprisingly underrated.

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    getting tickets for this definately wanderlei gives the moneys worth wand i far tougher fight for mike than cote, cote is just an all aroundish sorta guy with a good chin, mike hasn't got the power to dent wand and will be swarmed and tko'ed i reckon.
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    Id love to see Wanderlei live and although i do really like bisping, i think wand would win it. Would also like to see Cote so if either of these do happen at 105 in manchester it would be excellent.

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    I can't see Bisping beating either Cote or Wanderlei. Especially after last weekend.

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    i wanna fight mike, he will beat my ass and get the win and i will get 10grand for 4 seconds work , everyones a winner , can you sort this please Dana,

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