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Thread: Zaromskis: I can beat anyone

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    Default Zaromskis: I can beat anyone

    With Marius' huge fight with Hayato 'Mach' Sakurai in Dream's welterweight tourney flying largely under the radar, we spoke to the London Shootfighter ahead of the bout to get his take on things.

    The Sakurai fight is a whole different animal, however. Ikemoto is a good-level veteran but Sakurai is elite. He has beaten Joachim Hansen, Jens Pulver, Caol Uno and Shinya Aoki twice, one of those on the way to the semi-finals. Zaromskis remains confident though, stating, "when he is outside the ring he is a legend, when we are inside the ring he is just a man I am going to knock out."

    Confident and unfazed, Zaromskis will take a major step in his career with a win over Sakurai.
    Check the rest out over here:

    Let's show our support to a British-based fighter representing on the world stage! Best of luck Marius.

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    Mach is badass but Zaro can do this! Good luck Zaro! Looking forward to Dream!

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    goodluck mate, you've looked awesome in training and im sure you can take mach out
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    Good luck Man - has looked good in training. Time to reap the rewards.

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    Good Luck.

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    Should be an excellent fight

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    beat everyone apart from che mills

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    Tough fight for Marius, winner wins the tournement, IMO.
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    Marius is a legit badass. Can't wait to see this fight. I'm hoping he wins. His flying knees are top notch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crooklyn View Post
    Marius is a legit badass. Can't wait to see this fight. I'm hoping he wins. His flying knees are top notch.
    Bet you'd love Marius to beat you off.

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