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Thread: Since i have cut out meat from my diet

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    Default Since i have cut out meat from my diet

    I have less
    -Body fat (loads)
    -No sleeping problems anymore, also sleep one hour less a day. No longer take sleeping meds
    -I'm awake as soon as i get out of bed.

    Whats even more insane, i have had colon problems since i can remember. Having had the most fucked up tests. From my blood, to getting my test tested, and colon checked from inside and out side... And nothing they could find, and i kept having horrible pains, and kept shitting out water....

    Also i kept getting ill, as soon as a started training hard. Having colds, feeling week etc. Number 1 reason why i pulled out of a lot of fights, cause my immune system when to complete shit. Even i believed i became a pussy, who had severe mental problems lol, not making excuses btw..

    Being on a special diet, for 4 months now. I havent been sick once, no colds, no stomach pains. Not that i ever want to fight again, but i did a insane load of cardio and than cut weight... to see if there was a difference and i was fine..... My cardio also has gone double by doing less training lol
    I no longer shit like a aids patient.

    Not saying everyone could stop eating meat. Just wanted to share changing in foods, you might be allergic for can TOTALY change your life.

    Both in sports and in personal
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