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Thread: Commission Project.

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    Default Commission Project.

    Any chance we can have a sub forum for this ?? Thats if anyone else is actually serious.....

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    Ive started drafting a proposal.. dont know what u'll make of it but here's what i got so far...


    BMMAC (British Mixed Martial Arts Commission)

    What is it ?

    The British Mixed Martial Arts Commision (BMMAC) aims to be the governing body of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the British Isle. It is a committee made up of a select group of individuals from within the sports established infrastructure, these include gym owners, trainers, doctors and legal reprisentatives all of whom have a keen knowledge in their respective fields within the province of combat sports and namely Mixed Martial Arts.

    What are its aims ?

    The aims or the BMMAC are to provide the following services within Great Britiain in regard to Mixed Martial Arts :-

    - Regualtion of contests and exhibitions.
    - Licensing and supervision of fighters, promoters, ring officials, managers and matchmakers.
    - Licensing and regulation of any premisis wishing to host an event.

    Regulation of contests and exhibitions

    Any proposed bouts will be submitted to the commission for certification, certification will be granted if the following criteria is met :-

    The bout is deemed to be fair*.
    The participants are proven to be of sound physical and mental health as certified by a qualified medical appointee.
    The participants are legally covered for insurance purposes.

    * both participants possess an acceptable level of skill and experience in relation to his/her opponent ( obviously this is one of the main points and needs discussion ! round table job )

    Licensing and supervision of fighters, promoters, ring officials, managers and matchmakers

    Combatants will register and apply for a license** to compete in competition sanctioned by the commission.
    Promoters, Matchmakers and Managers, upon the submission of credentials, will be vetted, licensed*** and committed to operate officially within the confines of commission guidelines (round table job).
    Ring officials will register and be licenced**** under the commission. (really no idea how ref's become ref's.. training etc, will we assign ref's ?).

    ** £Fee
    *** £Fee
    **** £Fee

    Licensing and regulation of any premisis wishing to host an event

    Any premisis which wishes to host a sanctioned event will apply for certification, upon satisfactory inspection*****, license****** will be granted. An appointed safety officer will attend to inspect constructs on the day of competition.

    ***** under the health and safety act
    ****** £Fee


    The Fee's would cover running costs of the Commission, a non profit organisation.

    obviously just the start... feedback please.. am i wasting my time ?
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    Good start.
    A sub forum would be a big step. Then you will be able to see who really wants to move forward and who dosnt. Open debate between the "senior" players on different topics such as match-making, officials courses, fighter licensing, medical checks ect.. should be encouraged. Support from the whole community is essential Clubs, Promotions, Managers, Officials and of course Fighters.

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    I am very keen to be involved, I will commit to it.
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    I really can't offer up anything worth adding to the creation or running of this, but you got my interest and support all the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanCrase View Post
    I really can't offer up anything worth adding to the creation or running of this, but you got my interest and support all the same
    I'm the same ball park, but as I said if I can help give me a shout ME

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    You are NOT wasting your time, however, don't for one minute assume that it's going to be easy. Muay Thai worked hard on trying to get IOC recognition and couldn't get there.... and that's much more organised than MMA.

    I'm happy to be involved, especially in any face to face meetings. I work in sales and can definately 'pitch' this idea face to face, answer objections, etc

    Any communications need to be based in "What is in it for me?" Anyone you are trying to get acceptance, needs to see that they are getting something back. if not, we could be faced with apathy.

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    Whilst not involved with mma promotions or similar I have trained on and off and followed the uk and international scene since the 90's. More useful perhaps is that my work involves getting competing organisations and/or individuals to achieve common objectives despite personal and/or political vested interests or disputes. Sound familier? :-) I also have extensive sales, publishing (print and online) and senior management experience. And an MBA if that's relevent. Glad to help any way I can. When the sub forum is up I will submit my commercial observations.
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    You have my support. There are some of your goals that need a lot of work though. Things like insurance are still very much an expensive luxury and far from satisfactory. This is something that will come later rather than sooner.

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    Interesting it is, practical, I dont know, there are a lot of issues that would cause some people to be not involved in the sport anymore, but to me it is a step forward and I will be interested to see what develops.
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