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Thread: Commission Project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kainer2 View Post
    dont put ppls emails on here

    it's a spam bot's dream!
    A spam bot ? like a search engine spider that collects emails ?
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    Spider, same thing

    I dont post my e-mail out now cos my old one was spammed to death

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    Sure that it doesn't mean much but am happy to support and give any (limited) help that I can.

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    Well in the email, im basically tellin em what were attemping, asking for support or involvement and to come on CW an give their views.. ok ?

    Or do u think it would be better to approach this individualistically, i.e try and get a few key members onboard ?

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    Personal opinion would be that you'd want as many people from as many promotions and gyms around the country involved as possible. Even if you don't have the head of each one jus getting input from all of them now is important, at the latter stages they would then hopefully become involved and help legitimise what you are doing.

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    right, sent about 200 emails out to clubs and trainers/fighters all over the UK, first reply from a Mr Dave Hirst giving his support, what a fine fellow

    Ive also emailed BBBoC asking for their help and advice, I hope they dont see the commission as a threat in any way, also the CCPR and sport.

    Emailed FOmag and MMAunltd.

    Im sure BT are gonna love me

    Gonna sit back now an have a good read of how existing Commission are active in the sport, NSAC etc as suggested by Kainer.

    Can you guys post in anyone you feel i should be contacting as a priority.

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    Yeah I don't know what I can do in support of this but I think it's definitely something that needs to happen somewhere down the line and sooner rather than later, and this is the attitude needed to make it happen.

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    THANKYOU oh mighty forumn god !

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    For the last 18 months or so I have been looking into governing bodies for MMA in Scotland.
    Some local authorities refuse to let MMA show's go ahead in their venues until they have a governing body and are recognised by Sport Scotland. Sounds easy but as usual it's not. A governing body must be able to satisfy Sport Scotland that they represent the majority of the clubs/gyms/teams before they will be recognised. The governing body must also have been established for 2 years prior to any application being accepted.

    I dont know what the situation is in the rest of the UK, I would imagine that you will come up against the same sort of problems. I am happy to help in any way I can and share the information I have collected with any one who is serious about getting involved.

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