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Thread: No headshot tournaments

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    Default No headshot tournaments


    I was thinking of participating in no headshot fights before I dive into the world of concussive MMA and I was wondering whether there were any no headshot tournaments, especially if they guaranteed you more than one fight, in the UK?

    I know there are events in the States of that kind but that is a helluva lot farther to travel for a Norwegian like me.


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    Check out

    There i a cage steel event on 7th Novemeber - see link above (round2)

    This is a no headshot tournaments. Have a read through the rules for more details.

    Im 'thinking' of entering this one myself, will be my 1st competition.

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    I'd reccomend the Combat Sports Open to anyone who wants to start up in MMA. It's ran by MMA Universe, and your guaranteed to get at least 2 fights on the day.

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    Grapple&strikewales run by Heath Gait
    He posts on here under The General if you want to pm him
    If u go the wales section details on how to enter can be found on there

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    Next Open Trials 16th August

    I've heard they are 50% full alredy so if you want to fight on this event send your aplication asap.

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    Can't so soon unfortunately.

    Stag party that weekend and I'm the best man...

    Would be a bit inconsiderate to skip it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by volland View Post
    Oh yes, it really would be

    does any one know 2010 comps

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