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Thread: No headshot tournaments

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    Just had a look on MMA Universe - Open Trials 1st leg has sold now out of competitior places.

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    are there any amateur mma organisations that have decisions if knowone is submitted or TKO'd (rare in amateur i suppose)?.

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    I think G&S Fight Nights have decisions, as do the semis/finals of Combat Sports and Grapple & Strike and MMA League. Not sure beyond that. Sorry. @_@
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    have you tried ECFF they post under MMA RULES on here
    they do no headshot fights

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    No headshots = No participation for this guy.

    If I can't attack the coconut I got no chance. I'm like tank abbot only more obese.

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    Would you say that the Combat sports trials and grapple and strike are on a similar level as far as competitors are concerned?
    A similar skill level of competitor?
    Are the rules similar?

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    If you check results you will find that the same people competing at the both events so I think they are similiar. Open Trials fights are taking place on the judo style mat, G&S in the floor level ring so you can use you footwork and corners more.

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    If no head shots are allowed.. you should be allowed weapons

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    I used your mother

    Like the dirty slag she was...

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