Step 1 of forming an Organisation.

Most organisations start by a group of individuals coming together to pursue a common aim or interest. For a collection of individuals to form an organisation, they need to establish a governing document, which for unincorporated organisations (see below) is normally referred to as the constitution. A constitution is a legal document, which sets out the purpose of and rules for governing an organisation and is required for the following reasons:

To ensure that an organisationís aims are clear and agreed by its members;
To provide mechanisms for making decisions and resolving disputes;
To gain credibility with bank managers and funders;
To outline responsibility for different aspects of running the organisation and to ensure accountability;
To enable the organisation to register as a charity, an industrial and provident society or a company limited by guarantee (see below).

Once a draft constitution has been agreed, it needs to be formally adopted at a meeting. From that point, in accordance with the constitution, a management committee is elected and officers (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer etc) are elected or appointed and new members can join. The organisation should also open a bank account in the name of the organisation.

What will our constitution consist of ?