Dear Mr McFall

Your enquiry about forming a Governing Body for Mixed Martial Arts has been passed to me.

The Sports Councils have guidelines and criteria for recognition of a sport and governing body, which I attach. These are currently under review. For martial arts the Sports Councils would consider an application covering the activity and the governing body. The Sports Councils already recognise separate bodies for the likes of Judo, karate, taekwondo, etc.

You will note from the criteria that establishing a Governing Body for an activity, particularly one as diverse as MMA, would be a considerable undertaking. It may well be worth taking legal advice quite early on.

UK Sport remit is primarily focused on Olympic and Paralympic sport. Our dealings with non-Olympic sports are few and we do not have resources that we can devote to helping potential governing bodies to develop.

I hope you find the attached of help.

Yours sincerely
Peter Smith