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    Would this governing body have to have the rules etc set out before applying for recognition, if so what organisations are going to agree to sign up to the body as each promotion in this country all seem to have their own rules set which they have adapted from the UFC rules.

    Seems that before any of this can go in front of a council for acceptance there would have to be adherance to the rules set out by the proposed governing body and herein lies another problem... some promotions out there have in the past burned their bridges with each other at some point

    Not only would you have to convince the sports council that it is a good idea, but you would have to get promotions to agree to work together.

    Good work finding out the requirements though and thanks for posting them up, shows clearly what the sport faces if it does decide to go for a governing body.

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    When the UFC do shows over here do they adhere to there own rules or the NSAC?

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    NSAC which is the rules kind of adopted by most shows here, each with their own little twist

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    The UFC uses the Unified Rules

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    Default NGB requirements...

    If you are serious, then you need to start now, form your own NGB, it does not have to be sanctioned by any Sporting Body, but of course in time if it were etc, then of course it would be the pinnacle of recognition etc., and the funding helps too.

    Here's my two penneth for what its worth:

    You guys need:

    National Governing Body (Form a Limited Company)
    Board of Directors: for example:

    Vice/Deputy Chairman
    Finance Director
    Administration Director
    Technical Director
    Marketing Director
    Media and PR Director
    Child Protection Officer
    Coaching Director
    National Squad Coach
    Referee and Judges Director

    Bank Account

    Articles of Association
    Memorandum of Association

    Child Protection Policy
    Health and Safety Policy
    Risk Assessment Policy
    Whistle Blowing Policy
    Code of Conduct Policy
    Disciplinary Code and Policy
    Coaching Guidelines and Policy
    Training Guidelines for both Children and Adults, abled and disabled
    Equity Policy
    Data Protection Policy

    Contest Rules and Regulations for Kids, Adults and the Disabled, such as Non Striking Contact, Light Striking Contact, Semi Contact, with different rules sets etc, to attract everyone, not just the 18+ Fighters and Players etc.

    Kids MMA Programme
    Disabled Persons MMA Programmes
    Non Competitive MMA Programme
    Female MMA Programme
    Amateur MMA Programme
    Semi Pro MMA Programme
    Professional MMA Programme

    Insurance: Public, Employers, Products Liability Policies etc, and Personal Accident Cover for Coach's, Instructors, Volunteers and Students.

    Media Exposure, Public Relations and Marketing:
    Martial Arts Magazines
    Emails and Databases
    Membership growth
    Help the less fortunate and less abled and allow them access to training etc.
    Working with Authorities and Law Enforcement and other Agencies etc.

    Make contact with Local Authorities, Colleges, Universities and Schools, explain who and what you are doing, why not even try and get MMA classes in the Colleges and Schools etc, you have to start somewhere...

    Affiliation and Membership: Individual and or at Club or Association Level (to be decided), UK, Europe and Worldwide.
    Annual Joining/Registration Fees for NGB Membership and Renewals
    Regional and National Championships and Tournaments
    Squad Training Sessions
    Seminars and Training Sessions
    Coaching Courses
    Referee and Judges Courses
    Hire of Officials, Referee's and Judges for Events to Members and non Members
    First Aid Courses
    Training Equipment and Kit Supply

    Martial Arts Magazines
    Equipments Suppliers
    Championship Events
    Event Advertising

    Membership to other World Bodies with similar aims and objectives.

    These are a few that I can think of, no doubt there are more to add etc.

    So if your gonna do it, then get started now...

    Start by trying to get all the Industry Players, Movers and Contacts and the money men etc, to a meeting to discuss and start a NGB for MMA here in the UK.

    Good luck, you guys could be the future NGB of MMA here in the UK one day.

    But be prepared, it will be a long haul, but it will be worth it in the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by U.M.A. View Post

    Insurance: Public, Employers, Products Liability Policies etc, and Personal Accident Cover for Coach's, Instructors, Volunteers and Students.
    This I can provide. I've just written the first dedicated MMA gym policy in the UK this week. I have an insurer (well, 99% of the way there) willing to write a scheme for me to insure all MMA gyms correctly, rather than under single discipline policies which will rarely, if ever, pay out for an MMA related incident. It's taken me three years to get to this point, so I am confident it will get the go-ahead.

    Once I have the 100% ok from the insurer to start the scheme officially, then I'll be in touch with moderators on this, and a few more MMA sites to make my details available.

    In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a commercial policy for an MMA training centre, please feel free to PM me.


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    alot of good posts in this thread
    I am no expert or legal guru so i will just propose my thoughts
    perhaps it would be best to start an un-official governing body first, build support from events and fighters and see how it works. get a website set up and spread the word of what you are trying to achieve through forums like this.
    start getting events to actively display that they are in support of your UK MMA governing body, get clubs to inform their fighters of it and get the clubs to sign in to it. get fighters demanding shows that adhere to the rules ect. set out by the body.
    Then when enough people recognise this un-official body you can work on getting it made official.

    that is just a very brief outline of my thoughts, they do go into futher details but i wish to judge the reaction first. I think you also have to consider what a mammoth undertaking this is. It is like starting you own business, there are a lot of things that you will need to research and adhere to, probably a lot of costs and most of all a massive time commitment.
    I am all for a regulated UK governing body for MMA and am happy to help out in any way i can.

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    Interesting. Nice to see how much work is already being done. It does look costly even if the governing body is non profit and gets free legal advice.

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    Sorry if this is a random question, Can disabled people fight ? Are we talking physical or mental disability ? Its always been on my mind can a person with mild autism like Asperger's Syndrome fight if they are capable and know what they are doing,

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    as long as a doctor cleared them i can't see why people with mental disorders can't fight. However people with disabilities may be a different story. I think it would be very difficult for people without a fully functioning body to fight, even against other disabled people. without trying to be insensitive it could also give the sport an even worse image (as if brutal cage fighting isn't bad enough) as a freak show who bait midgets into fighting each other (jerry springer...) or have people hoping around the ring trying to get a takedown. I just dont think physically disabled people and combat sports are a good mixture, you rarely see disabled people takepart in combat sports and i think theres a reason for that.
    That being said when i was playing rugby there was a guy from another club with one arm but he was one of the best players i've seen. he was competing with able bodied people and well

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