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Thread: Is Dana missing the point?

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    Default Is Dana missing the point?

    "Fedor is a f---ing joke," UFC President Dana White responded Monday after learning that Emelianenko had signed with Strikeforce. “He turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies for no money!"

    White also addressed fans: "I feel sorry for the real fight fans. I wanted to make the deal, but it takes two and it is very obvious Fedor doesn't want to fight the best, and doesn't give a sh-t about the fans!"

    I think Dana is missing the point. He seems to think that fighters biggest motivating factor is money. For the most part, I would agree with him... We all got bills to pay, and we all know that Kimbo "needs his cheese"... "or bread"... whatever.

    I honestly believe that people who are the greatest at what they do, would do it for free if they had to - and probably started off doing it for free. Its something more than money.

    Fedor, in my opinion is the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world. GSP and Silva are HUGELY talented fighters but have both been beaten. I don't consider a "loss" to TK, (which should have been a N/C) being a "loss".

    What I am saying here is that Fedor doesn't focus on the money. He focus's on the fight and "being a fighter" . Doing what he loves to do and money is purely a by-product of that. I think his honour is more important to him than the money.

    Regarding fighting the best in the world: He has beaten Nog, AA, Sylvia, HH etc... Josh Barnett was aligitimate threat to him but I think he would make a mess of Randy, Mir, Kongo, Cain so no reason to look there. Could he handle strong, athletic, explosive wrestlers like Lesnar and Carwin? I am betting he would find a way.....

    Fedor will move more and more away from MMA in the next few years and retire undefeated - mark my words.

    Am I the only one who thinks like this?

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    Dana isn't missing the point because he said Fedor doesn't want to fight the best in the world, and the level of competition in the UFC is higher than that in Strikeforce.

    Money isn't the only factor for a fighter, the other main factor is fighting the best, and by going to Strikeforce Fedor is showing he doesn't want to fight the best.

    Then again this is all assuming that Fedor actually chose Strikeforce over the UFC, which is very unlikely.

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    I think Overeem and Brett Rogers would do pretty well in the UFC. I see them being atleast top 5 in the UFC HW division.

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    I believe the title of finishing his career undefeated has overtaken the hunger of fighting the best, sorry. It's better for the post fight career. Look at Marciano.
    He is already held in a different light, this unbeatable force, but his career is well managed and his fights are hand picked.
    Don't get me wrong, he's tough as hell and technical but his management are definately steering him for an unbeaten record to end up on the Rickson pedestal.
    Damn shame really


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    I hear what your saying but when you say "fighting the best", your talking about Brock ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da muss View Post

    I think Overeem and Brett Rogers would do pretty well in the UFC. I see them being atleast top 5 in the UFC HW division.
    Not a chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valour5 View Post
    Not a chance.
    Watch Rogers - he will develop further. Given some good fights, he still has a load to improve.

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    I have stated on here before that I think Dana is a bit of a mouth piece!

    Overeem, Rodgers and Verdum could easily bein the top 5-6 heavyweights in the world.

    So should Fedor be tempted to come in because of just 1 fighter, Lesnar???

    Fedor has made his name by fighting and defeating the absolute best in the world in the past. I think guys like overeem, Rodger and Verdum at the moment would beat guys like Randy and Nog (who are on their way out, this next fight will show that) and Werdum would hanndle Mir easily on the ground!

    So looking at that, who has Lesnar actually fought?

    How would he do against a striker like Overeem?
    How would he do against a REAL world class BJJ player in Werdum?

    I think more questions have yet to be asked of Lesnar rather than Fedor!

    In the past Dana White has sent fighters to other organisations, like Liddel fighting in pride!

    So lets see if the same thing could or would ever happen, I dare say if he was confident enough for his champion to beat the strikeforce champion, he would have it on, but he doesnt care, as long as they fight under the UFC, he is happy, and its a legitimate argument to be honest!

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    The talent pool is still deeper in the UFC and both Brock and Couture are marquee fights. There is really no realistic competition currently in Strikeforce. If its not about money or fighting the best then is it about protecting his legacy or the commercial interests of M1 through co-promotion.

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    Disagree about Werdum he had his chance and didn't exactly set the UFC alight. As for the other 2 I think they will be UFC bound in the near future anyway which Fedor must realise. I know Dana can be a stubborn mule sometimes but I don't know why people still don't understand the fact that M1 global are trying to become business partners in the UFC just because they have 1 fighter, as dana says "they may do business like that in Russia!"

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