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Thread: Scottish appeal system

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    Default Scottish appeal system

    In other combat sports such as thai boxing when a fighter or camp feel they have been at the wrong end of judges decisions there are avenus they can go down for appealing against the decision. This normally involves dvd footage of the fight being sent to three independant judges who can watch the fight and then show how they would have scored it, if they score it different the decision can be over ruled.(happned up here in a thai title fight betwn ally smith and norman mckenzie) I think if all the guys up here got together and nominated one person form each team gym we could do something similar.

    For example some of the battlfield guys think Dave Gilbraith done enough in his fight with Graham Turner friday night to merit him winning, judges scored the fight to Turner, footage could be sent to 3 independant judges (i.e willie scott, james mair, chris carmicheal,josh gavin,john humphries, steve clarke, john jamieson, willie mccracken, ricky young) who could then score the bout and see if the decision should maybe be appealed against.

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    Great idea, when you put it across like that, I would hate it as a fighter though. would hate to win a fight on decision and have it at the back of my mind, is this going to get over turned. Is there a period for an appeal to be made in thai etc usually?
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    Good idea Thaison , id happily be involved

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    im not sure how long the period for appeal is but id imagine 2 weeks after the date of the fight would be enough

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    there's no way on earth david galbraith won that fight.

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    no offense but I think that this is a poor idea, no decision should ever be over turned, perhaps at the most to a no contest, but you will find every time someone loses by decision alot of the time people feel hard done by so will become a pharce with everyone appealing imo.
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    i mean for extreme cases not for every fight that goes to points

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaison View Post
    i mean for extreme cases not for every fight that goes to points
    Wasn't there last night James but it was it a particular fight that would merit an appeal?
    A novice to all this but personally the decision on the night should stand
    in my opinion. Congrats on the win heard it was a great ko.

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    that particular fight you mentioned was a close fight and a brilliant fight.

    personally i wouldv scored it to afterburner, he inflicted more damage and for me won the fight. However i can see how someone might look at it from another viewpoint, especially a team mate or fan of Galbraith.

    Id love to see this as a rematch because i think you said Turner is just back from a staph infection

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