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Thread: True Spirit MMA (Leeds) presents GRAPPLEMANIA-UK 1.0

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    Unhappy True Spirit MMA (Leeds) presents GRAPPLEMANIA-UK 1.0 (UPDATED)

    " So you think you can grapple ?''

    True Spirit (Leeds) is proud to announce the first NO-GI Grappling tournament of its kind in Yorkshire. There will be beginners/novice (1 year and under), and advanced divisions, comprising of 6 weight categories in each division - 68kg - 73kg - 80kg - 87kg - 98kg +98kg. Every competitor will have a minimum of 2 fights. there will be a kids division -45kg +45kg. Womens categorie is open, depending on the day a descision will be finalised.

    Prizes: Tropheys will be awarded to first place winners, and medals to runners up courtesy of KO sports equipment one of our sponsers. Also there will be supplements given away to winners courtesy of our other sponser
    HI-DEF supplements store This is a must for grapplers, submission fighters, BJJ.

    Admissions: 20 per competitor, 5 for spectator 10 for kids. You will be able to pay via on the day.

    Date, time and venue: start prompt 12pm weigh in 10:30am-11:45am /sunday 26th july / John Smeaton Leisure centre, Smeaton Approach, leeds LS15 8TA

    For futher details and conformation email -

    Event covered by MMApics - WWW.MMAPICS.COM

    The Grapplemania-uk organisation is insured by the AMA, Amateur Martial Associations. We recommend competitiors to aquire insurance cover for themselves.


    Legal techniques

    Any kind of chokes (except using hand to close windpipe).
    Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock
    Any straight leg lock

    Illegal Techniques

    No striking, biting, pulling ears, eye gouging, scratching, finger & toe holds, heel hooks, crucifix’s, full nelsons,
    suplexs, NO slamming to escape submissions.

    *Due to popular demands rules to Grapplemania-uk 1.0 have been simplified.

    *Fighters will be warned for breaking the rules and will be disqualified at referees discretion

    *Bouts will be 6 min rounds, NO points scored for the first 3 mins, and last 3 mins points will be scored. There will be no points to submission attempts. Submission at any point of the 6 mins wins.

    Final bout will be of 8 min rounds.

    Point scoring( positions must be held for 3 sec)

    2 mount position
    2 knee on stomach
    2 sweeps and reversals
    2 take down (ends in guard or half guard)
    3 back mount with hooks
    2 passing the guard
    4 clean sweep or reversal (ends passed the guard)
    4 clean takedown ( ends passed the guard)

    Advantages will be noted by referee and in case of a draw the referee will make the descision for the winner.


    Shorts, T-shirt, Rashguard optional, groin guard. gumshield, wrestling boots

    Shorts is a must.
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    These are the weight categories. There are advanced (over 1 year) and novice (under 1 year).

    - 68kg
    - 73kg
    - 80kg
    - 87kg
    - 98kg

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    Can we enter on the day, or do we have to do it before hand online. Cheers

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    Both options will be available via internet 15 and on the day 20. A website will soon be set up soon for futher details.

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    sounds good this!!
    Wolfslair MMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapplemania-uk View Post
    True Spirit (Leeds) is proud to announce the first NO-GI Grappling tournament of its kind in Yorkshire.
    The first, really?

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    cool, count me in!
    The Dungeon Sunderland / Checkmatt BJJ team

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    me too i'll blag a lift up off neil

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    link to where I can pay by paypal at 15 beforehand


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