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Thread: BJ Penn on GSP: "He Uses Steroids"

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    Default BJ Penn on GSP: "He Uses Steroids"

    His greasing crusade never amounted to much, but UFC lightweight champ BJ Penn won't rest until arch-rival Georges St. Pierre is busted for something. In a new interview with Yahoo! Sports, the Prodigy launched yet another explosive accusation:

    "Itís just my opinion that he uses steroids. Thatís it...I canít hand you any proof, but thatís my opinion...In my opinion, he doesnít play by the rules when it comes to steroids and growth hormones and that stuff. Look at him. Heís the worst. He looks like that every day. Thatís cheating. There is a reason why there are rules against using steroids. The rest of us, we get fat, then we train and get skinny and the cycle goes over and over again. He looks the same way all the time. Come on.Ē

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    Maybe BJ gets fat because between training camps he poses about the beach with his friends and practises jumping out of swimming pools, whilst GSP is training his ass off to maintain his physique and improve his skills.

    BJ is pathetic, shame he's going to maul K-Flo. GSP should sue for slander.
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    Sad really, i will definitely be cheering K-Flo even thou BJ will probably win, but you never know.
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    he's just starting to sound petty now, better fighter won

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    Lol! BJ is a character thats for shure!

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    he is prob right, but i would not of said it
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    Bj has more talent than gsp i mean look how long it took him to get his black belt and if they have a trilogy dont be suprised if bj gets the win.

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    Lol at BJ he is a funny guy, he might be right but devoid of proof its a ridiculous statement the fact is GSP has epic genetics and is constantly training that might be why he is like that ME

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    As a massive GSP fan I am quite happy to say that I think he is on roids. to think he isnt is naive.
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    anymore hate on Penn, I will take that as a personal insult, and I will kidnapp your pets

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