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Thread: What would you do?

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    you might try self hypnosis... steve dempsey who used to fight had crohns he might be able to give you some tips

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    Our lass gets it bad, i can only imagine what it'd be like to fight with, good luck mate ME

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    thanks guy and yes i do use imodium
    il ask about self hypnosis aswell
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    Itís classified an autoimmune condition. A prescription prednisone cycle (finished before the event is to take place) to suppress the immune system, and anti-anxiety medication to prevent the trigger (stress, nerves, and what not) would be the normal course of treatment for that. Iím not familiar with the recovery process after a fight, so I would question what consequences a compromised immune system would have on a person. Itís definitely worth discussing with a doctor, because to my understanding it can go into a ďremissionĒ phase where you donít feel as bad, and a ďtriggerĒ could throw you into a lengthy episode. Iíve been told itís a tormenting and painful medical condition so I hope you find a practitioner that will help.

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