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Thread: The Most Interesting People/Fighters in MMA and why....

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    Default The Most Interesting People/Fighters in MMA and why....

    OK, So say you where about to sit down and watch the penultimate documentary on the people within MMA. Who would you like to see and why? Break it down by territory if possible and try to make the subjects you choose interesting for more than just their fighting.

    I start with these peeps

    Sakuraba - Legend - interesting dude - would like to look at his mindset at his debut at UFC Ultimate Ultimate and through the Gracie Killer era
    Genki Sudo - Legend - Unorthodox style - dance and music and what hes doing now
    Megumi Fujii - Most decorated female MMA star in Japan and possible p4p best in the world (Okay a stretch), but that in itself is itnersting
    Yuki Nakai - A bloody legend - would like to see how he is and hear about why he protected the shooto organisation by keeping quiet about his eye injury against Gordeou at VTJ
    Josh Barnetto (OKay hes US but...) - Why he is so active as a trainer on the female Japanese MMa circuit - hes a bloody legend anyway with loads to say

    Marco Ruas - Legend - Vale Tudo ninja and first real all rounded MMA practitioner
    Ray Zulu - A warrior going form fight to fight for little money Vale Tudo rules and that match against Gracie!!! Damn legend - still lives in the Favela
    Rickson Gracie - Nuff said (US I know)
    Christina Cyborg - Best p4p fe-male in the world
    Jose Aldo or any fighter talented from the Favela - lots of sotries here maybe a whole bunch of stories
    Poulo Thiago - Oposite side of the spectrum working for BOPE
    Wandy - Just the awesomeness of his Vale Tudo and Pride exploits demand interest - would like to see him at home in Brazil with his community
    loads more - Mario Sperry, BTT dudes (Murilo Bustamante etc)

    Jens Pulver - fighting abuse and depression - one of the most moving stories in MMA
    John Lewis - a real legend and not one many people know of. One of the first Nova Unia bbs
    Rampage - from the mean streets of Menphis - loads on him
    Gina Carano - Like to know about her movie career and what makes her tick (and the usual perving)
    Dana White - mandatory
    Fertitta Bros - Are they Gansters or what?
    Scott Coker - Nice guy - whats his background
    Joey Silva - Best Job in MMA
    Bas Rutten (Okay Holland!)
    Bj Penn

    Hansen - like to see him plaiyng music and chilling and get to know him
    Ronnie Mann - the zen one
    Daley - his life is a story no doubt
    Polish dude whos name I cant spell weight lifter
    Fedor - clearly
    Evgani - and M-1 mastermind Vadim Finkelstein
    Lee Hasdale - Man the guy fought in Ring of Rings!!
    Lee Murray - err no brainer


    This is a quick list

    Add who you want and why!

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    OK lazy bones. Name one fucking interesting mofo in mma and why. You can repeat off my list. Its not rocket science. Dont be scared. Pussies

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    ooooo had to hurt Wiegieboard's Avatar
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    I'd have to Say that the ultimate for me would be Sudo.
    His crazy style and unique way of doing things has made him pretty much my idol in the sport.
    I've had the pleasure of meeting the guy though at the time we talked through a translator, he comes across as a man who fights for love instead of aggression and his sharing the view that we're all one in my eyes is pretty heroic.
    He's an ultimate showman but still keeps respectful with it, something that many if not most showmen in combat sports seem to be incapable of doing.
    Genki <3
    No longer playing World of Warcraft. Goodbye fond memories

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    thanks Wigie, thats exactly what I am looking for

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    Kimbo Slice

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    Carlos Newton as he is a doctor, odd combo

    Mark Kerr one of the old school, plus he has a slightly tragic story

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    Don't really care about whether or not MMA fighters are interesting, it's all about how well they can fight IMO. Saying that I do find War Machine quite humerous with his antics and take on life.

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    Kimbo Carlos and Kerr, very intersting stories indeed. Luke, I am saying if the doc was not about showing fights!

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    what about that bender that fights in the US?

    That's fairly unusual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WCR View Post
    what about that bender that fights in the US?

    That's fairly unusual.
    Very good point. A gay fighter would be interesting viewing.....

    for some - actually it would be interesting fullstop seeing as MMA is apparently a very testosterone sport

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