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Thread: Bjj street fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by IranianWarMachine View Post
    bas rutten had a good story the guy pretended to be a navy seal, him and bas fought, bas just took him down and put him in a armbar, the guy was screaming "Please don't break my arm", bas said to him "well you have to stop", the guy answers "Yes, yes i'll stop!", next minute he carries on and bas gets a knee bar, the guy starts again "Please don't break my leg", bas goes through it again and this time really warns him there will be no mercy if he carries on, bas lets go the guy carries on, gets caught in a choke, is put to sleep and bas robbed his pants and left him on the side of the street in his underwear.
    i think you'll find bas nicked that story from the robster warmachine

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_langford View Post
    I would avoid the floor at all costs at the pub I work at!
    cos your shit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    ...and I'm sure you're a cunt, so it's all cool
    Woooooooooooo, temper temper baldy. You get so touchy when you get exposed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjd View Post
    You could say the guy on the floor was very luck to catch the leg, the other guy and his mates could have hit him with a weapon or if there were a few of them kicked his head in, theres no way I would take a street fight to the ground unless I had no other choice.
    I use my jits to help me stand up and start to strike if it all goes pear shape I can run off + what if im wearing my brand new designer clothes?, also rolling round on the floor can get u cut glass sharp bricks etc!! sod that Id rather use my elbows and fists standing up lol, standings always worked for me in the past with my saft brawls, only once ever took a guy down for gnp ?( missed a couple of times fucked my knuckle up, and my elbow as they hit pavement not mat) , and luckly my mrs stopped his m8 from kicking me in the head while i was in mid combat lol!. If you drink in the pubs I do you get to field test this most wknds with 10 pints of beer in you lol!!!.
    RJD the story your referring to is a rob t fantasy so the guy was actually lucky robs mate never upside down reverse gogoplataed him with his own leg when it was grabbed.

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    Brilliant, I'd been missing you -

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    I'd use sweeps etc then GNP.

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    Oh man this thread exploded since I last looked LOL
    ‎"He who goes to bed with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger."

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    how can you think that bjj does not work in a street fight, it depends upon how you utilise bjj, for example flopping on your back to guard would not really be so smart imho, my coach Chris Hauter has an old video set called bjj for the street it's worth watching if you are interested in the street aspect of bjj
    ''fren, purple must smash people. SMASH THEM.
    that is hequirement for purple
    purple belt dangerus man
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    BJJ works on the street, i wont incriminate myself any further lol
    You may know me as The Cheesecake Assassin

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    Danny your street fight armbars and triangles are stuff of legend my fren
    melhor luta no mundial!
    ''fren, purple must smash people. SMASH THEM.
    that is hequirement for purple
    purple belt dangerus man
    if purple belt cannot smash he not real purple'' Creonte

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