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Thread: white collar mma

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    Question white collar mma

    is this type of show a good place to have your 1st fight??

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    As long as the weigh in doesnt look like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty_82 View Post
    As long as the weigh in doesnt look like this?
    No they are white cuff workers.

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    whats the promotion called ?

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty_82 View Post
    As long as the weigh in doesnt look like this?

    Chris, when did you get the cross tattoo?

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    not sure what the promotions called mark scanlon is promoting it on 19th sept

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    Scanno is puttin one on @ the olympia IIRC, its for people who cant train full time due to job commitments etc - Use discount code cagewarriors for 10% off your order

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    It's not that long ago that all MMA was 'white collar' if that's the definition
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    I am doing a white collar mma show called "Cage Fight Club White Collar" 19th Sep, As genesis said i know alot of lad's and a lady who train week in week out but can't commit enough time to it to get to the level or in the condition needed for a semi pro/pro mma fight. At the same time though theres nothin more they want than to get in the cage and have a bash.

    Ive been to loads of white collar boxing show's in the past and watched lad's who have never trained a day in there life gettin in decent shape and having a good tear'up an lovin it so i thought why not do an MMA white collar???

    Ive put alot of thought into the rules and protection and come up with 2x4 min rds with a 90 second rest so it's not as hard to get in shape for. They'll wear mma sparring gloves, mma shinguards (the pull on ones) and a mma head guard which Hayabusa, Warrior and a few other mma brand's have just brought out. The rules are the same as semi pro but withought knee's to the head. The referee's are experienced grappler's so if they think someone's arm or leg is gonna get broken wether they like it or not the fight will be stopped.

    It's being held in the Olympia (the home of mma in the NW) but the posters, newspaper article and advertisment couldn't be any clearer as to it being white collar and not a pro or amature mma event.

    Due to most of the fighter's being local lad's most of the people coming to support them like family and friend's would'nt normally go to watch mma or know what it's about so were hoping to educate them that mma isn't a brutal dangerous sport but a controlled and very skilled sport and maybee turn them into mma fan's getting alot of them to start coming to OMMAC and other local event's. To do this we've got a doctor a solicitor, electricians, builders an loads of others to compete and when they fight there occupation will be announced in a nickname and put in the local paper eg(my mate Mark"the octagon doctor"Jones who's the official OMMAC doctor) just to show it's not a bunch of juice head's or cock head's who think there hard cases but more your average Joe who you'd bump into and see at work everyday.

    The ticket's are 15 or 30 on tables and the fighter's get 20% of all ticket sales to pay toward's there training or any expences it's cost them. If anyone's interested in going you can buy ticket's at the Olympia from this Monday or PM me and if you local ill drop them off.

    If anyone is interested in fighting we need 2x80kg, 1x70kg and a woman k1 or mma fighter at 68-70kg. If you wana fight but arn't any of the above weight's message me and ill try get you matched up.
    The fighter has got to have NEVER faught amature boxing/muay thai/mma but interclub level or grappling comp's are cool.

    It's gonna be video'd so when it's done ill upload if for everyone too see and you's can let me know what you think.

    peace out, Scanno.
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