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Thread: Coming off the streets to a class without invitation - Please advise

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    get yersel to carlson's....awesome place....real nice guys.

    apart from Steven Mains....purple belt and a bastard......

    this is him incase you are wondering...
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    Nice to know the jitters of walking into uncharted territory is a universal one, even among BJJers.

    Thanks for all the those who shared their experiences and those who have extended their team's invitations.

    I shall let you know on this thread how my first class went - provided I still have functioning fingers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    I try to answer every message I receive, no matter how many times I've heard the questions and no matter how infrequently the people actually do end up showing up.
    Best way to be! you might reply to 50 emails and only have one person show up but that's still one more person so the replies are all worth it.
    Pedro Bessa BJJ Bristol. Sweatbox MMA.
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    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Simon and his team over at Carlson's. Finally went there yesterday and they're a very nice bunch. I even got to spar with the main man himself (only because I didn't have a partner, not because I've got skills - which I don't). Needless to say, I've lost track at how many times I had to tap

    Thanks again!

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    I had no idea that was you last night!
    what a coincidence that we should end up rolling.
    I hope you enjoyed the class and got a taste of what Carlsons is like
    and a foundation for your future BJJ lessons.I really enjoy teaching the basics class as I get a chance to meet all the new guys and help them put their basics in place so they can then build on those basics and develop their games.

    Cheers for the roll!

    All the best


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