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Thread: WTF is the point of MMA Amateur fights that do not include strikes to the head!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChokeYouOut View Post
    Ahhh i thought you meant no one would care if you were 10-0 at pro if you had 100 losses at amateur, sorry i misunderstood.
    I can see how you read it now, haha! It's all good -

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    I Think If People Have A Problem With The Rules Of Amatuer Fights, They Just Shouldnt Do Amatuer Fights And Start With Semi Pro If Thats What They Want To Do, Its Not Set In Stone That They Must Have Amatuer Fights.

    I Never Done Any Amatuer Fights Because I Felt I Was At A Slight Disadvantage As I Already Had 11 Thai Fights And Was Alot More Confident Standing And Trading, So No Punches To The Head Felt Like A Handicap.....
    Neil Laird Pro 77kg 2-2 @definitelyneil

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