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    boxing club is about to re open in september i was looking for some good bag and sparring gloves not stuppidly priced any recommendations? what do you lot use and how have they lasted? anyone got some good sites for gloves i can browse.

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    One of the best pairs I've ever worn was BBE - until they got knicked when the club got broken in to. I've been using Hayabusa ever since. Both quite pricey but awesome though. Been told Cleto's are the best but they are too expensive for me. One day.

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    yea reyes ones bit out of the price range, i have heard ringside and title are alright?

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    Ive got a pair of gloves from Windy that have taken heavy use for about a year and are in great condition, really recommend them
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    windy are thai boxing gloves? do they not pad them out slighty different .

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    yeah thai boxing gloves have padding around the wrists so u can block elbows etc with em.

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    I got a 16oz pir of MTGs that I think are quality gloves. Quite a few of the guys I train with rate fairtex also.

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    I use Leather Blitz 16oz for training and at 30 I'd argue they're excellent value for money

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    Ringside gloves are quality but they cost around 80. A few of the guys at the club have them and say they wouldn't wear a different glove now.

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    i need a new pair, have a pair of 14's i use for sparring, but i want a pair of 12's as well and was looking at some Sandee gloves on Fight Shop.

    Anyone got a pair already?
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