Faixa Rua Leve A3 Gi in white. I bought this Gi about 2 weeks ago and have never worn it. It was pretty big when i bought it and i though i'd be able to shrink it to fit. I gave the whole gi a 60 degree wash and the pants fit perfect now but the jacket is still massive in the sleeves even after another 60 degree wash and a 90 degree wash. It doesn't look like it's ever going to shrink to my size so i need to get rid of it to get a gi that actually does fit.

As i said the gi has never been worn, it's only been washed. It cost me 59 so i'd like to get 50 back from it.

As a guide for size i'm 6' and weigh 74kg so if you're a bit taller, heavier or have abnormally large arms for your size then it'll be perfect.