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Thread: re:Eurofight Xtreme FC - October 17th,Glasgow

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    Default re:Eurofight Xtreme FC - October 17th,Glasgow

    Updated fight card as it stands;

    Paul mcVeigh v Chris David
    (Ireland/Scotland) (USA)

    James doolan v TBC

    Fred Fernandez v Kevin macalonan
    (France) (N.Ireland)

    John quinn v Tom Egan
    (Scotland). (Ireland)

    James Mair v Arni Isakkson
    (Scotland) (Iceland)

    John cullen v Sergei Greicicho
    (Scotland) (lithuania)

    Steven mcCombe v Artemij Sitenkov
    (N.Ireland). (Lithuania)

    Mark connor v Peter wilson
    (Scotland). (N.Ireland)

    Joe Nugent v Matt Inman
    (Scotland). (England)

    James jarvie v taisumov mairbek
    (Scotland). (Austria/Czech rep)

    Andy hillhouse v TBC

    Bobby mcVitie v Alexander Proder
    (Scotland). (Sweden)

    All fight's scheduled to be fought under Pro rules.
    Tickets available on ticketmaster.

    Don't miss out on Scotland's first full pro fight 25&35.

    Sponsorship packages still available-email; for details.

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    That is an amazingly stacked card mate !!!

    You got the new poster yet

    Is Doolan fighting at 61kg

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    brilliant card.

    think james will be at 61 kainer

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    You have pm Kainer

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    Paul mcVeigh v Chris David - Europe's best BW goes against an EXC and KOTC veteran with an impressive record and crazy video interview skills to match

    James doolan v TBC - Doolan don't do boring fights and has amazing striking and has fought in Japan too

    Fred Fernandez v Kevin macalonan - Freddy came in on 48 hours notice against a heavier guy in the M-1 Challenge and despite carrying injuries looked awesome and was so close to putting a decent level DEEP fighter away with some lighting quick strikes. Despite his record Freddie is tough and can mix it in many styles. Whilst McAlanon is tough and was seconds away from choking out "Denzil" before losing in his title bout. I've seen him put people away slickly in submissions and can batte it out standing too. He should be huge at the weight too and a tough fight for most players in the European game

    John quinn v Tom Egan - Only heard great things about Quinn, he has a 6-0 pro record (?) and would have the world raving about him if he lived in the NE or in the 'pool. Whilst Egan is a UFC vet and has a lot to prove after his experience in the big show. Training with the likes of JK means he's only going to improve (and maybe if he wins he'll fight Jimmy Wallhead j/k )

    James Mair v Arni Isakkson Two guys who are under the rader in many ways, i know James has a top record and if this is at Welterweight it should be a WAR. Arni Isakksson won an 8 man CWFC Welterweight tourney 3 years ago being Dennis SIver in the final. He's strong, powerful and posses some awesome striking and although he has had time out, i think if he can return to form he will be a top 10 European WW.

    John cullen v Sergei Greicicho Greicicho has a KO win over the former Shooto World Champion Masahiro Oishi ...enough said ! Cullen has a good record too and this will be his toughest test by far

    Steven mcCombe v Artemij Sitenkov - Sitenkov is a top 5 ranked Bantamweight in Europe and holds 2 wins over David Lejnes (the European Shooto 65kg champ) and has mixed it in there with some top guys too. McCombe has fought Ronnie Mann, McVeigh and Leigh Remedios, is huge at the weight and is really tough too and is well versed in the game too.

    This is a massive opportunity for Scottish MMA as their guys are getting their chance to shine on a good stage and i think it will show the rest of the UK MMA scene that putting on good, solid exciting fights is the way forward rather than questionable matchmaking that sells tickets

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    Excellent Card. Wish I could be there.

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    catch weight can be arranged if there is no bantams around

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    What happened to Marcelo Costa James?
    Silverbacks MMA

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    Money problem (he wanted double what he got to fight paul)
    Michal Hamersmid was also intrested but is coming back from injury

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