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Thread: Salvia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soldmysoulforabeer View Post
    I tried this stuff and thought it was crap. Its like going from a Ferrari *Weed* to a Mini Metro *Salvia*. Though i didnt Bong it i just rolled it up like a Joint and puffed away, I found the taste sickly.

    Though its kinda reasonable affect when mixed with weed.
    MAte, salvia only works when smoked through a bong and you must hold the smoke in for about 30 seconds. it will never work in a joint, salvia is much MUCH stronger than weed.....and its legal.

    I first did salvia years ago at a house party. I took a hit, held it in until my mind melted into a chess board. all the poeple around me turned to chess pieces and everything was either white or that oaky brown colour on old fasioned chess boards. it was insane.

    Have done it lods since then but every time it gets worse and worse and i get more scared. i ain't had any since january last year.

    my mate once thought he was inside a crisp packet another thought he was in lego land and another in mario mates cath and harris both took a hit together.....was funny watching them waving to each other as one was on a speed boat and the other following behind on a jet ski! they both tripped together which is crazy.

    My mate anthony did the 40x one in reading festival. he tripped that he was in his grandfathers alotments and the geese chased him into the shed then his body caved in on its self, he never tried salvia again after that.

    Salvia is good fun for doing around friends and it is a god experience, you can pick up a tube of salvi from most bong shops and blue bananas! worth a try!

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    I'll give it a go in a bong when i have some spare cash sir. You reccomend trying hardcore stuff or weaker version 1st? It sounds intresting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    I recommend for checking out info on various drugs.
    Great site that. I used to spend ages reading the user experiences bit and some of the accounts actually make heroine sound quite tempting!

    I had a salvia plant in my room a few years back. It looked pretty unassuming but my mum asked me why it was there as I've never really taken an interest in gardening or anything. I just told her they were giving out free plants at b and q and my mate picked one up and gave it to me. I tried growing it for a bit but let's just say it wasn't exactly a jack and the giant beanstalk job. We cut our losses and tried smoking the shitty little brown elaves after a certain point but there wasn't enough there to make any impact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soldmysoulforabeer View Post
    I'll give it a go in a bong when i have some spare cash sir. You reccomend trying hardcore stuff or weaker version 1st? It sounds intresting.
    I had the x20 stuff and that ripped me out my body and to somewhere else. It's not just hallucinations or seeing weird stuff. You don't even know who you are. You fully embrace this new world you're in and your perceptions of everything change. You're that out of it you don't even think "god i'm fucked". For five minutes you are in a totally different plane of existence.

    I couldn't put it into words what I experienced but I kind of was in a 2D universe that i viewed side on. Like an old mario game and there was a mountain of blocks I was climbing but I could see myself climbing them from way back out of the picture. It's mental.

    I have a mate who believes it's a gateway to other worlds and dimensions. This lad has been sectioned before though, not over salvia but over taking too many mushrooms one time and his mum and dad thought he'd gone nuts. He smokes salvia regularly now though and will talk you to death about it going on about our perceptions of matter, time and energy.

    If you have the weaker stuff it's a bit of a waste of money as you want the full experience if you're going to do it. After all you wouldn't pay money for shit weed or cocaine. You can get up to x100 and I couldn't imagine what that stuff does to you. I recommend x20 for a full on 5 minute journey to another realm of existance. The weaker stuff justr distorts your vision and makes you feel tingly and as though you're melting into whatever it is your sitting on (bed/couch etc) as thouygh it's trying to pull you into this other world but isn't quite strong enough. So, yeah, get the x20 stuff atleast.

    Just don't smoke it in a spliff. Pack a pipe or bong, take a deep lung full and hold it in as long as you can.
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    I am pissing myself reading all this. I wanna a go on this Salvia. Where can i get it and how much. What is ' x ' all about ?
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    X is times potency, and yo mang dat shit is ilegal here in US but let me tell you about a time dat I smoked up some of dat shit wid my homie Kimmy Loc, we wuz chillin in Peel Ave' when we scored some of sis shit, I smoke a biggy of dat shit, an gotta say I too wuz ripped outa dis world, like being in a nightmare first strange sesation whuz probably my lips feelin as tho they were eating my own body similur to MMA alien friends body cavin in, I herd so many voices angels, yodeling, and scandanavian singing, the trip wore off after seeing a hedge turn into a forrest of pine trees a tractor cut the tops off so they were square and some viking type bird beckoned me over to her, oh den these flowers turns into stars, seeing myself sat there looking at myself at the other end of the street.....gotta say mang I keep off dat shit from now on fo real!

    if you wanna laugh check dese white boys out on Salvia! but seriously use wit caution or this will fuck you up and its probable you'll have a bad trip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Begbie View Post
    I am pissing myself reading all this. I wanna a go on this Salvia. Where can i get it and how much. What is ' x ' all about ?
    You can buy it at your local hippie/smart shop.

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    i smoked a shit load of this stuff once and was proper fucked but only for a few mins, i am an experienced smoker but couldnt walk , mind you i did smoke the whole bag in a bong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    All drugs have been legal at some point.

    I read today the Govt. are planning on making the current "legal" highs illegal. Salvia wasn't mentioned though.
    were Caffeine or nutmeg mentioned?

    been high off both of those at some point or another.
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    Thanks for info Stubbsy. I'm gonna go order some online now lol.

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