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Thread: Salvia

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    i smoked a shit load of this stuff once and was proper fucked but only for a few mins, i am an experienced smoker but couldnt walk , mind you i did smoke the whole bag in a bong
    How the fuck can you fit a whole bag in a bong in one go you clueless moron? Stop talking shit please Detox and stick to posting pics of your average bird that you're so suprised to have pulled.

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    i had some of this the other night.
    Wow i was in a totally diffrent dimension , looking down at this one.
    when i like passed from this place to the other, these weird entitys started clapping "ohhhh hes here , hes here" lol weird

    it lasted quite long i thought. lol

    it was weird , might do it on top of a bridge next time , lmao...joke..
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    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    I recommend for checking out info on various drugs.
    awesome website!! the vaults really do bring back some memiories

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