Hello for anybody that does not know me on here my name is Leeroy Barnes and i fight full time out of the Wolfslair MMA Academy in Widnes near Liverpool, training full time is very taxing on the pocket but i believe neccasery to reach your full potential in this sport im very lucky to have some great kit sponsore's and a awsome team that provide me with accomadation when im in liverpool and great team mates that help me out and give me lifts and so forth when they can, althou full time i do work weekends as a doorman but this only just covers my living costs and im currently incuring traveling expenses that are crippling me and making it hard for me to train, living in blackpool it is quite a treck on 3 trains and a taxi to widnes.

im looking for any help i can get with traveling expenses and in return i will promote you to the best of my ability on any shows i fight on giving you prime logo space on my shorts and walk out wear, i will also wear your logo when ever there is media present in the wolfslair wich as you may know is pretty frequant.

any help would be greatly greatly apreciated anybody interested please pm me.

thanks for reading.

Leeroy Barnes.