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    Default governing body

    never going to happen!
    not like boxing, kick boxing or thai boxing.
    promoters dont want the hassle. e.g. fight under this body.... fight under that body bull shit.
    mma is way behind in this field, and mma in the uk dosent need it.
    there is no propper governing body in any country so why the fuck do we need 1?
    fighting is fun.

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    im sorry but you tell me of a recgnised kickboxing governing body by sport england??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonio Santorelli View Post
    im sorry but you tell me of a recgnised kickboxing governing body by sport england??
    theres plenty of governing bodies for thai boxing and boxing.
    im not clued up about kick boxing crack. it dosent matter what governing body there is. theres always going to be a way round it. eg.. mma promoters call thai K1. And boxing... Cage boxing.
    fighting is fun.

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    I have for a long time been a keen supporter for a legitimate Governing body here in the UK for MMA. However the more I have sat & thought about it, listened to all the pros & cons e,t,c, I have come to realise we are "probably" better of without one. Although pretty much anyone can be involved in MMA with little or no objection, Is that really a bad thing? The sport "Does'nt" have enough support investment as it is, to restrict it further with licensing officialism e,t,c IMHO will only dilute & restrict it further. Whilst other countrys are struggling to even stage an event, we are fortunate to have as many as we like. Some would argue the lack og legitimacy is what is holding up the sport, limiting TV, exposure e,t,c, my answer to that is simply "Bollocks" The TV are just simply picky on what they want, no one has yet come up with the quality of product & consistancy they need, it has nothing to do with legitimacy. Sponsorship may be affected? who knows, some have thrown caution to the wind & got involved, if the sport increases its demographic others will too, its as simple as that. So my take is simply take advantage of the fact there is no governing body, & don't be in too much of a hurry to box this sport in with legislation.

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