I was in a gym the other day.. not Titan...

and this uber chav came in while i was sat talking to someone.. and there was a copy of the Sun on the desk, he then goes to one of the trainers, in a droany, mono tone, I smoke too much crack voice "uh huhuhu, my cousin was the one who bashed him up, uhuhuhuhuh" the guy he was speaking to, bless him. was a little bit awkward and replied with a simple, "oh right"
he Chav then decides to tell us all what happened, "yeah, he was getting well lairy coz my cousin was chatting to jordan, and he came over and said to go away, and my cousin wasnt doin anythin wrong, he was just chattin to here you know, so he tell that Alex to fuck off right, and Alex goes to for him, but he moves and bangs him in the eye, and drops him, then all his mates come over and they all get in a fight uhuhuhuhuhuh"

A particular fighter was stood by when this happened, and said, "why dont people just fucking leave him alone?" and the chav replys "coz he thinks he is well ard init"

and I was left amazed, by the blatent fucking lie this prick said... it wasnt, oh someone I know heard, or, did you hear what was suppose to have really happened.. no, his cousin, his cousin was the guy who suppose to have dropped Alex..

So I say, "dude, from what I hear from many people at the show, Alex was long gone before the fight, and no one even got close to him to even hit him, and as far as im aware, if it was your cousin who was fighting and his mates, they all got a kicking and left in the street for the police, not only that, not 1 news report says Alex actually got hit, they bent the truth a little with what happend, but not 1 paper sad he got hit, nor has anyone at the show said it.. maybe your cousin got in a fight with someone else"

he then spent 5 mins trying to promise me he did and I had to go.. I couldnt handle it