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Thread: Caged Steel Interclub Video!

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    Default Caged Steel Interclub Video!

    Video from the interclub held at caged steel few weeks back.

    The rules were amateur with head shots.
    I think all the fighters on the day were awesome! Everyone put on a brilliant show of what martial arts is all about! Loved it!

    The official results are

    U70kg Winner = Sam Wilkinson from A.O. MMA

    U77kg Winner = James Nardone from Factory BJJ

    U84kg Winner = Luke Copcut from Manvers MMA

    U93kg Winner = Ross Price from Manvers MMA

    O93kg Winner = Mick Render from Caged Steel

    The music is abit diffrent, gives it a diffrent feel to the usual heavy stuff!...

    I think its pretty sweet , hopfully you like it!

    Oh if any fighters who fought on the interclub dont appear on the video im sorry! I had to keep switching batterys and i missed a couple.
    There will be a dvd avalible. But again it doesnt have every single fight.
    because im shit and lazy.
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    Nice work James, some top quality KO's on there, looked like a cracking day

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    looks very good, some hard shoots there

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    Default caged Steel Interclub

    Wow, what a great memory of the day, thanks James.

    The event was really good and I would once again like to thank everyone who took part. There really was a true spirit of sportsmanship and general love for MMA, well done guys


    Neil Hall - Operations Director

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    I'm thinking the UK's amateur scene is better than the pro scene right now.

    Nice video!

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    Are there any plans to do another open mat?

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    wow that was an interclub?
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    Yeh , cgaed steel have held them over the last 2 years.
    Lets hope we can have another one soon!

    It really is a brillaint day. Just a nice chilled out day of fighting. All the postives of martial arts!
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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