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Thread: female fighters also being ring girls

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    Default female fighters also being ring girls

    i think it's nice how we let the females fight and let them have a go. It shows we are letting them get involved and not leaving them out. It's like when you let a kid play on your playstation and set the game on easy for him.

    But what do you think about female fighters also being ring girls (if they look good enough that is). This would get them involved more in the sport and boost their wage packet. Also if they don't make it as a fighter they could become a top ring girl. I know some of you are thinking the types of women who fight aren't the types of women who could be ring girls. But if you think that you are obviously a small minded sexist. For example I think Rosi Sexton could be a fighter and a ring girl.

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    Too much in a short space of time dude.

    Pace yourself.
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    "Can't hear you mate"

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    Why the fuck is this in the troll hole? I'm not trolling.

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    ''rosi sexton could be a fighter''

    From what ive seen she already is, and a very talented one at that

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