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Thread: Rant about rubbish customer service

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    I have never been rude to them on the phone before yesterday as he just didn't get what I was saying and I was explaining it very clearly. I told him I wanted to speak to his manager ,who was conviently in a meeting. I then asked to speak to the complaints department, he said I already was.
    They don't seem to have the ability to actually do anything, Dell were even worse and the woman really didn't understand the implications of what she was telling me!

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    I'm having the same kind of problem with SAAS and the student loans company right now. 6 phonecalls passed between saas and the SLC so far. Saas takes 2 or 3 days to get through to at a time because they are always busy.
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    We were meant to get Sky Broadband in June, after hours of phone calls/being put on hold and being told they'd sent us the router we still don't have it.

    Useless cunts.

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    I got useless service from my local Vietnamese takeout place like the stupid bitch couldn't understand my order and gave me some salad shit. So I went back and had a go. Ended up getting a blow so wasn't all bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    NTL (Virgin) I often call them up and give the shit down the phone....
    lol i used to work for their broadband technical department in liverpool..

    it's a joke working there, they basically wanted us to be dead nice to the customers etc whilst they was screaming at us..

    if it was our fault i would be apologetic.. but if they don't know how to use emails.. well surely that's their issue and not mine haha

    but Virgin Media customer service is awful / shit

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