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Thread: Can anyone help me out on buying a Gi please?

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    Default Can anyone help me out on buying a Gi please?

    My instructor told me that i need to buy a Gi, does anyone know any cheap website's which sell them?

    I mean i am not looking for out flash, just a decent one somewhere between 20-50 pound. I'm not going to be wearing it during MMA sessions, just for the Ju-jitsu Gradings.

    If anyone can help me out that will be great.

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    Cheers mate, thanks for post. Will take a look now. Also lads does it make a difference wearing a BJJ Gi when im only getting graded in Ju Jitsu?
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    well decent Gi's

    my tatami ripped after one roll!

    if you want a top of the range gi you can pay a little extra and buy a

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    Fauxia Rua

    59 for a Gi that can compare with any of the other more expensive brands.

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    jack hatfields leggy mate judo gi's just the same as jujitsu ones mate 20
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    ano fella, posted ages ago haha

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