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Thread: Dana White on Mayweather fight: "It sucked just like I thought it would."

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    Default Dana White on Mayweather fight: "It sucked just like I thought it would."

    Dana White briefly took some shots at Mayweather's fight last night and boxing in general. Did anyone see the fight? I didn't but I think watching 12 rounds of defense would be very boring. They say Mayweather didn't even look like he just fought 12 rounds. Awesome. Would love to watch a fight where guys don't fight.


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    i like to watch technical boxing over 12 rds but i can see why people wouldnt

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxingbrit View Post
    i like to watch technical boxing over 12 rds but i can see why people wouldnt
    I agree,

    i think we have been spoilt in the last few weeks, mcdermot v tyson ( forget the ref and outcome) , Lenny Daws on Friday, not a bad fight and this one saturday. I think it was a well matched fight. Hope to see more

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    I thought it was awesome. Perfect boxing from Mayweather, undercard was brilliant aswell.

    Dana needs to drop it! As do all the boxing promoters.

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    Yeah!!! Stick it to him Dana, give him a taste of his own medicine.

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    i used to like watching boxing but now i have watched lots of MMA it just doesnt seem right , it seems boring to watch and 1 dimensional

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    i agree. i was a big boxing fan for years but now it seems boring. only 1 fight im interested in seeing and thats mayweather vs paq man!

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    I love boxing, always have always will! But for every great classic fight there are a hundred woeful mismatches that promoters are happy to take people hard earned cash for.

    MMA has it's turkeys too, but for the most part it's far more entertaining because the fights are generally more evenly matched.

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    lets be honest marquez was fighting scared, he was a shadow of his self against diaz, casamayor, barrera etc, he tried countering floyd due to this, it was a sad site to watch he didn't throw when he had the chance truly uncharacteristic of him. I didn't enjoy it that much, the commentators well overdo mayweather, imho, jones junior was far more techinal and exciting to watch in his prime.
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    "Boxing is like jazz. The better it is, the less people appreciate it" Big George Foreman. I thought the fight was great.

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