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Thread: A reputable MMA club in NOTTINGHAM. I'm a beginner

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    Default A reputable MMA club in NOTTINGHAM. I'm a beginner

    Hey guys. Im moving to University in Nottingham in a week or so.

    I've decided i want to try learning MMA, it's something ive always been interested in. A good friend of mine told me it would be best if i could find a club that did individual Boxing, Wrestling and Grappling lessons, and also MMA classes teaching you to combine them.

    But im open to any suggestions. Im staying in Nottingham City Centre so it would be awesome if there were any you could reccommend around there, but again, if not, i welcome any suggestions.

    I'm a complete beginner with no experience at all. I'm athletic though.

    Hope you could help me out!
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    Joe, you live in Nottingham and you are looking to get into MMA ? its your lucky day mate....Bushido, Rough House, Leicester Shoot etc...

    I am sure some guys from each club may see this and give the contact details but you are arguably in the hottest area for MMA right now in the UK.
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    If your living in the UK contact Lee Livingstone who Runs Bushido MMA.

    or PM Livo-San on here.

    Or Jimmy Wallhead runs a class in Loughbrough on Saturday mornings.

    And one of the best grappling/MMA clubs in the UK Leicester shoot run evenings monday-thursday.

    Definitely not short of quality in the Midlands
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    Roughhouse, just checkout the talent coming out of it @ the mo, & that's at all levels.

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    Hey guys.
    Thanks for your replies.

    Its strange you suggested Bushido Predator, cause this morning i came across it on a google search and sent an email. I hope i get a reply soon.

    Marc - how lucky is that! Im a bit nervous like, as i've got no fighting experience whatsoever, but i have to start somewhere!

    Ill look further into your guys suggestions. Thanks again.

    p.s ignore that link so that "forex" crap...its some virus thing i picked up somewhere.

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    I sent an email to Bushido and they never got back to me! :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drake View Post
    I sent an email to Bushido and they never got back to me! :/
    What do you need to know?

    Im sure you'll get any answers you need from this thread
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    Bushido who?
    Leicester what?

    only joking, you cant go wrong at either of these places tbh

    just be a bit cautious of that Barton fella, he likes to "touch" boys
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    Or you can train in Widges Love dungeon up north.

    But beware people dont leave the same person
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    this is lee who runs bushido in nottingham, if an email doesn't work drop him a pm on here:
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