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Thread: Grapple Mania 2 - Leeds, Sun 8th!! No-Gi Grappling Competition !!enter now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wisniewski View Post
    I think I know what takedown are you talking about. Takedown attempt started on the mat, finished outside the mat with guy on the bottom in semi butterfly guard (one shin on opponents hips) from that position ( OFF THE MAT, ON THE FLOOR ) guy from top passed the guard to the side mount. And that doesn't count because the guard pass started outside the mat.(so only 2 points for a takedown instead of 4 for a clean one)
    And that seems pretty obvious.
    There was also one situation that from thai clinch both guys landed on their knees, opposite each other and one guy grabbed guillotine grip. There is no way that he could get point for takedown for that, because it wasn't a takedown..simple is that.

    If you are talking about different situation maybe you could share that with us.

    I know that there were some problems on the mat 3 and I totally understand that as I saw some mistakes there as well but this ref was later replaced and we can just apologise for that and promise it will never happen again.
    Loosing by a refs decision is one of worst things that can happen to an athlete, it happened to me few times, to my friends and my students but I am pretty sure that only small percentage of complains made that afternoon have a real coverage in truth.

    The event was very well run again with exciting fights, good prizes and great atmosphere.
    As I said before i'm not denying that it was a rell run event. I know of 2 seperate occasions where the clean takedown pointing didn't occur, one on mat 2 & one on mat 3, it may have happened more than this. On mat 4 there was a lot of missed points and the re-setting of positions was terrible, I remember a re-start where some of the audience had to intervene as the referee forgot where he'd stopped the fight. I could go on and on but I wont. All i'm saying is that there needs to be a lot of improvements in the refereeing department! People are travelling miles and paying 25 to compete!

    Quote Originally Posted by grapplemania-uk View Post
    We went through the process of bringing a medic, he must have gone for a break and many shows dont even have a medic. It is very difficult to referee a grappling competition occasionally mistakes are made but to lose and make excuses by blaming referees wont help you progress and improve in your grappling skill level. Learn from your weaknesses positively and become a competition champion. Grapplemania sponsers were generous enough to give supplements which were allocated to the advanced divisions, there were no supplements for novices and kids. We will endavour to supply supplements to novices in the future.
    Occasional mistakes are acceptable but the amount I and others witnessed was not. Please don't insult me by saying i'm making excuses. I know that i'm at best an average grappler and have a vast amount of work to do in every aspect of my game. I wasn't the only one affected by these poor decisions. I've been to several grappling competitions before and lost before, not once have I complained, the reason behind this was because it was a very well officiated competition and I lost fair and square. At this event it was a different story. Wisniewski seems like a great guy and apologised for anything that may have went wrong and is seeking to improve. You on the other hand are blaming others for your shows obvious ineptness and taking this attitude will only hinder any future progress you & your show wish to make.

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    Some of my guys matches:

    Ranjeet "Suave" Baria SemiFinal

    Liam "Bermuda" Corrigan SemiFinal

    Liam "Bermuda" Corrigan vs. Ranjeet "Suave" Baria Final

    Chris White 1st Match

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    To add to the list of refing mistakes, i saw a fight started with the score reading 2 - 0. Luckily this fight ended via submission, otherwise someone might have lost by points which shouldn't have even been on the scoreboard!

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    Are the results being posted?

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    I enjoyed it and would not like to organise or ref such an event, it seems like a no win situation.

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    I really enjoyed the event i thought it was really well ran. The supplements was a great idea. The only thing i have to criticise is the ref at mat 3 he was a bit off, but i talked to the organisers of the event and they said they would replace him for the next event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dude501 View Post
    I really enjoyed the event i thought it was really well ran. The supplements was a great idea. The only thing i have to criticise is the ref at mat 3 he was a bit off, but i talked to the organisers of the event and they said they would replace him for the next event.
    What happened to you like bud? I have to agree like, he was by far the worst!

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    Sheesh Chris just cos you got beat
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSimon View Post
    Are the results being posted?

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