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Thread: Secret Forum!

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    As the CW forum begins to lose members and get boring, I am requesting a membership consideration into this cult. As a loyal disciple, I feel my female non-threatening demeanor could become a valuable asset to lure, spy and set up enemies and all those not in compliance with the demands executed in this “underground” organization. I have no prior experience in trolling. I will not show my boobies. I do however; excel in research, study, and am willing to accept instruction and learn the art. I feel with proper leadership I can assist in expanding this takeover into the United States, and ultimately the world.

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    Very good Smurfette5ft....another has seen the light....

    Please include as your signature statement:
    "The statement below is true. The statement above is false."

    And please change your avatar to the almighty ACA logo.

    And you shall be ordained.

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    We grow stronger by the day!

    However Smurfette just offer your boobies, that is enough ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
    Listening is cool and shit." BlackdogMMA

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    The Cult of Basilisk - Now with added bitch!

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    basilik i want in on this uprising

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    foxy is now one with the Cult of Basilisk.
    I would like you to prove your value by calling Luke a cunt at every available moment.

    Please put the ACA logo as your avatar.
    Your signature statement will be:
    "Nice cage. Where's the bird?"

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    i want in.

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    andyt1992 you are ordained into the brotherhood of the Cult of Basilisk.
    Please change your avatar to the ACA logo.
    Please post calling Luke a cunt at any opportunity.
    Your signature statment will be
    "Calm down Sir. You'll give yourself skin failure"

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    i wanna join up!!
    "My whole life is an epic journey man, I mean who else do you know that listens to Enya whilst taking a dump?"

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