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Thread: Weight Loss, your Top 5+ tips

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    Default Weight Loss, your Top 5+ tips

    A common theme here is weight loss and people asking questions.
    Id love to see what people, who have had success, would recommend.

    I'm not talking about cutting a few KG before a fight. I mean proper life changing weight loss.

    I will make this a sticky so people can leave their tips.
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    Water (lots of it)
    Fibrous veg (broccoli/cauliflower) daily
    High Protein (lean) Low GI diet

    Basically diet is key to losing weight
    Ive found the keto diet to be one of the most effective for losing weight - Use discount code cagewarriors for 10% off your order

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    why is lots of water a key thing for losing weight? I read this alot, but never understood why

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    some of this may be of interest to you, if not then their are other threads "innit" ... the basic idea is to improve the digestive tract , get rid of rotten crap in your digestive system and get a good diet/exercise plan etc.

    1) try eating only small amounts of fruit often in the morning ( your body can complete its digestive cycle properly and youll have 3 shits by lunch , which is awesome , reduce the sugars and processed foods, go natural uncooked if possible , your body loves raw food , especially juiced fruit and veg.
    2) consume digestive enzyme supplements that are very fibrous and buling ( we sell this , free bottle if you wanna try it ), it helps clean out the shit out of your guts colon etc ) and include alot of pineapple in your diet or supplement with.
    3) juice , no not roids although to be fair it prob wouldnt hurt, but veg juices to get max nutrition in , organic is best , home grown is the best of all.
    4) dont eat meat or starch stuff , instead try to eat alot more seeds,berries etc.
    5) very important , exercise and dont eat foods that dont agree with you or those above , if you have food intolerances this can be sotred out pretty quickly .
    6) drink loads of water , 6 litres on mega sweaty training days.
    7) multivitamins are cheap , take 1-4 a day depending on how hard your training.

    ^^ sorry i cant count
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    Wieges life changing and magical diet plan for power rangers.

    1. Stop eating cake.
    2. Stop drinking energy drinks.
    3. Carry a water bottle around with you all day and keep on sipping away.
    4. Eat Fruit and Vegetables for carbohydrates with all six of your meals.
    5. Eat a portion real meat or animals for protein like steak, chicken breast, eggs, fish, squid etc with every meal.

    P.S. Fats hate water.
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    My five top tips would have to be:

    1. 30 minute run in the morning on an empty stomach
    2. 6 litres of water and 2 litres of green tea drank throughout the day
    3. High in alkaline diet (lemons, limes, broccoli, cauliflower, grapefruit, melon)
    4. Eat more fibre in the morning and afternoon, as it will fill you up a lot more anf help you in avoiding sporadic snacking. Also, like mentioned will help you digestive system.
    5. 30 minutes run and then straight to food!!!

    This helps me a lot and gets the weight down very very quick!! Also, the amount of water and green tea is high just through habbit as this will help you cut weight easier. Another tip can be to drink a cup of coffee before you train, will speed your heart rate up slightly and make you work harder in your training session (sort of like a fat burner, without all the shit).

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    I'm steadily losing weight down from my peak of 115kgs, my tips from a less athletic lifestyle and a previously more bohemiam one :-

    1) Give up alcohol ! (300cals in a pint of beer, and dont kid yourself that wine or shorts is ok)
    2) Eat little & regularly, I have multiple alarms set on my mobile throughout the day to remind my of my fruit breaks
    3) Fruit, Fruit, Fruit
    4) Remain disciplined

    (I can't count either)

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    1. Ignore detoxguru
    2. Only drink water... 0 calories
    3. Lots of cardio
    4. Less than 2,000 calories per day (unless you're tiny)
    5. Track your weight... weigh in the morning (naked, after a piss & shit) and weigh just before you go bed (naked, after a piss & shit).

    EDIT: I've gone from 84/5kg at the start of the year (couldn't train much in 2008 due to injury) to 75kg at the moment just using the above. Regularly eating curry, chinese, McDonalds, cakes etc... just making sure I don't eat too much of it.

    EDIT2: Also, see this;
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    4 meals a day , 8.30am , 12pm, 3pm and 5pm, no food after 6 except protein drinks. veg , chicken fish and nothing white (bread, milk , past raice..ets , etc)

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